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    Galactic Empire


    Unleash a little star power. Outer space helps defines your personal space in this quirky new trend. Since first looking up at the night sky, the galaxy has captured our curiosity and imagination. The vivid colors and jaw-droppingly complex organic patterns found peering through a telescope lens or depicted in big screen, sci-fi blockbusters like Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy can still ilicit a big “wow” factor.

    Kitschy or cool? Once relegated to childhood nightlights and sheet sets, these galactic patterns are all grown up now, finding their way onto hipster apparel as well as home goods. Recent introductions from high-end and indie designers alike, have seen them gracing rugs, pillows, lighting and other accessories. You can also go subtle with the the look by incorporating agate, marble and other natural materials that share a similar aesthetic.

    Making it work for you. This style is not for the faint of heart. It can quickly go to sci-fi kitsch or overpower a room if used with too many other colors or patterns. These intricate organic designs seem to work best when they’re used in small doses. If you do go for a larger piece such as one of Jan Kath’s Spacecrafted rug series, they should be the stars of the show – shining most placed in contemporary spaces with a neutral palette and a few rugged elements to balance out the their futuristic look.

    Explore more “star-crossed” products and interior design ideas at HouseBlended on Pinterest.

    Duvet Cover by DENY | Galactic Empire | HouseBlended

    1) Cosmic Duvet Cover, DENY Designs, $222.13 – All Modern


    Spacecrafted Collection by Jan Kath | Galactic Empire | HouseBlended

    2) Space 3 & Space 12 (left to right), Spacecrafted Collection – Jan Kath, NYC Showroom


    Moon Lamp, ABC Carpet & Home | Galactic Empire | HouseBlended

    3) Moon Lamp, $1,350 – ABC Carpet & Home


    Nebula Pillows, Society6 | Galactic Empire | HouseBlended

    4) Nebula Throw Pillows, from $20.00 each – Society6


    Pedra Coasters & Agate Box, RabLabs | Galactic Empire | HouseBlended

    5) Set of 4 Pedra Coasters, $68.00 & Agate Box, Similar from $110, – RabLabs


    Duffy Stool, Made Goods & Globe Pendant, Pieces | Galactic Empire | HouseBlended

    6) Duffy Stool in Black Pearl, Made Goods, Clayton Gray Home | Metal Globe Pendant L-RO-18, $585, Pieces Atlanta