Are you a modern bohemian, a twisted traditionalist or maybe a retro romantic? I created HouseBlended as a place not only to share and celebrate the design trends shaping how we live, but also as a platform to explore some of the “design mash-ups” that define our individual sense of style. Rather than sticking to one pure aesthetic, the interiors and home decor that I think many people, myself included, find the most intriguing are those that reflect a blending of diverse influences and take a few chances with finish, color, pattern and scale.

Talking shop. When I’m surfing through design blogs, I’m always looking to find inspiring interiors and more often than not, for that perfect new “insert product name here” to dress my nest. With HouseBlended, I want to create stories that are shoppable – giving you new design ideas and trends as well as retail links to tap into them.

I’d love to hear from you about the kinds of trend stories you’d like to see on HouseBlended and what design mashup defines your own personal style – be it coastal classic or rainbow warrior!


As long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for all things design and in particular, anything to do with the home. As a kid I was fascinated combing through shelter magazines or visiting other people’s homes and seeing how they lived. Were they modern or traditional? Did they use lots of color? How did their personal sense of style influence their choices?

Over the past decade I’ve been lucky enough to make a living continuing to do what I love, working with the home furnishings industry. Crafting award-winning brand strategy, marketing content and designing products. Beginning first as head of trending and product development for décor-geared Atlanta branding firm, Grant Design Collaborative; then later as Creative Director for manufacturer, Jaipur Rugs. Since moving to the Nashville area and launching my own marketing and design consultancy, Jonas Creative, I’ve continued working with companies like décor brand, Surya as well as small start-ups, developing engaging marketing strategy and new ways to connect to their customers – often tapping into the latest trends. It’s also led me to create HouseBlended and share some of those ideas and inspirations with you.

Would you like to discuss a potential design collaboration or maybe you’re looking to revamp your current marketing program? I invite you to check out my portfolio here or drop me a line and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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  Trend You’ll Love Forever
Anything tribal. Doesn’t matter if its African, South American, Asian, etc, the intricate beauty of hand-crafted patterns paired with thoughtful, practical design bring a grounded but graphic flavor to any space.

  A Favorite Blog
The Sartorialist. I’ve always been fascinated by how people define their own personal fashion sense. Through his site, photographer Scott Schuman captures global street style in all its fabulous and fashionable glory.

  Favorite Shelter Magazine
A close tie between Australian Vogue Living & Maison Francaise. I’m not always been able to find these since moving to Nashville, so God bless Zinio!

  One of Your Style Influencers
David Hicks. A quintessential mixmaster and one of the first designers to establish his name as a retail brand. His projects, products and design books all reflected a signature style blending antiques with bold color, modern shapes and graphic patterns. Check out some of his most notable work here.

  Best Design Mash-Up
Mid-Century Modern + Anything. As long as the proportions are right, it’s a style that can literally work with almost anything. It can ground a really contemporary space or give a trad room a little kick.